As an experienced contract manufacturer we offer in-house SYSTEM ASSEMBLY services for large and complex machines, such as gaming cabinets.

With our assembly services for complex devices and machines, such as gaming cabinets and charging stations, we provide customers with one-stop manufacturing solutions that enable great cost and time saving potential. Instead of purchasing individual parts from a variety of manufacturers we can help customers with the production of various components in our production facilities and their assembly into a sub-system or entire machine on our in-house assembly line.

We have put a special focus on offering assembly solutions that are specifically tailored to our customers’ needs. By adopting an agile project management system we can quickly respond to issues as they arise over the course of the production and assembly process. By optimizing assembly processes for each project and ensuring quick scalability we are able to offer assembly services for smaller and flexible volumes, and can still ensure cost-effectiveness and a high delivery reliability.

All metal, plastic and electronic components have to undergo a piece-by-piece inspection in an ESD protected area in our own quality control facility and will subsequently be assembled by trained staff on our in-house assembly line. As required customers either receive a finished machine that has been tested and is ready to use, or a sub-system that can easily be integrated into their machine or cabinet at a later stage.


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