Your reliable system supplier offers a comprehensive range of cost-effective ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURING solutions.

As a well-rounded system supplier to the global gaming industry and the industrial computer industry, electronics manufacturing and cable harness assembly services are both our key area of focus besides the production of mechanical components. Being located in the global center of electronics our production facilities have vast experience in the production and assembly of printed circuit boards, as well as cable harnesses. In the past we have already helped customers with the production and subsequent integration of custom-made IPCs, control boards and LED modules, as well as complex cable assemblies.

With the latest SMT, DIP and testing technology we can provide a seamless workflow for some of the most advanced PCBAs. In addition to certifications, such as IATF 16949, ISO 9001 and TL 9000, the range of renowned reference customers of our production site, including IBM, Hitachi, Garmin and Panasonic, proof that we are able to satisfy rigorous quality standards.

Besides the mere production of PCBAs we also help customers with the integration of electronic components in connection with our mechanical products. For example, we have wide experience in manufacturing lightning panels that require the delicate CNC processing of special cast acrylic sheet and subsequent integration of unique LED modules.

With regard to our cable harness assembly services we can either asisst customers with the pure assembly of cable harnesses and robotic cables or help customers integrated these and build them into a system or a machine in our in-house assembly facilities.

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