One-stop MECHANICS MANUFACTURING solutions that include metalworking, plastics technology, as well as the whole variety of surface technologies.

TMP is your experienced partner in Asia for manufacturing complex metal and plastic components. As a one-stop shop we can offer the cost-effective production of a wide range of semi-finished products. Due to economies of scale we can satisfy flexible volume requirements and allocate production processes to suitable facilities with excess capacities. Our focus lies on manufacturing components that need to undergo various production steps at different facilities, such as surface treated metal and plastic parts. Through our integrated production facilities network we can help you organise production processes as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible directly in Asia.

Our presence in Taiwan means we have direct and regular access to all of our production sites and that we can guarantee full control over production and intermediate quality control processes. Most importantly, all components we produce undergo a final quality control and piece-by-piece inspection in our own facility according to the specific standards of our international customers.


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