We offer high tech manufacturing solutions for the MACHINE INDUSTRY, including the production of casting parts and the assembly of robotic cables.

As an experienced contract manufacturer TMP could already help many different companies with the production of complex mechanical components, as well as the assembly of cable harnesses that find usage in the machine industry. On the mechanical components side we have primarily assisted customers with the production of sophisticated casted metal components as per our customers' drawings. Especially customers outside of Aisa that follow very high internal quality standards like to work with us given our extensive offering of complex surface technologies and our fullfillment of highest quality standards. On the electronics side we have produced control panels and industrial control systems for our customers, as well as assembled robotic cables and complex wire harnesses.

The following list shows metal and plastic components, as well as mechatronic modules we have manufactured in the past. If you have any questions regarding our capabilities please do not hesitate to contact us.

Semi-finished Metal Parts

  • Machine casings and beds (sheet metal)
  • Special enclosures (sheet metal)
  • Secial mechanical components (iron and steel casted)
  • Special mechanical components (iron and steel casted)
  • Precision parts (various metals)
  • Special turning and grinding items (various metals)

Electronic Assemblies

  • Switch modules (PCBA)
  • Control modules (PCBA)
  • Industrial controls (PCBA)
  • Equipment controls (PCBA)
  • Robotic harnesses
  • Cable harnesses

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