TMP's customers can rely on over 30 years of local market knowledge in Asia and an integrated PARTNER NETWORK of high-tech production facilities.

With over 30 years experience in contract manufacturing TMP‘s team developed strong relationships with various production facilities in Taiwan that we partner with for the production of components. Through this integrated network of high-tech production facilities we are able to offer one-stop manufacturing solution and produce a variety of different semi-finished products, including components that need to undergo multiple production steps at different facilities, such as surface finished parts.

Long-term partnerships with our production facilities result in a high level of efficiency and productivity since they are familiar with our internal processes and expectations regarding quality and delivery. Another core benefit of our partner network is that it enables knowledge sharing within the network, as well as synergies and economies of scale in production processes. When adding new production facilities to our network they need to undergo a rigorous on-boarding process that includes multiple audits and quality control checks before we integrate them as a partner facility into our production processes. We make sure that all of our manufacturers are at least ISO 9001 certified and that other additional industry specific quality management norms and environmental guidelines are followed.

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