Our commitment to highest quality is reflected by our rigorous AUDIT & QUALITY CONTROL procedures that satisfy international standards.

As an internationally oriented contract manufacturer there is a key difference between us and other local manufacturers in Asia – No compromise on our side when it comes to quality and customer satisfaction. TMP does not stand for cheap sourcing solutions, but for providing customers with a platform that enables us to drastically lower costs by maximizing efficiencies in the production and procurement process, without lowering quality standards. Because we want to retain quality we have our own internal team that constantly audits the quality control procedures of our production facilities, as well as our own quality control facility that allows for independent quality controls before products are shipped out to our customers. Due to our internationality and extensive experience we know exactly what is important qualitatively. Many customers could already realise significant savings potential through TMP without having to lower internal quality standards.

Quality Control Process

Manufacturers that want to join TMP‘s production network need to undergo rigorous audit and quality control procedures in order to be approved. Once approved, we develop additional quality control procedures together with the production facility, which then have to be implemented by the manufacturer. The team in Taiwan does regular audits of the different production facilities in East Asia to test if they adhere to agreed quality control procedures. Since all components undergo a final piece-by-piece inspection in our own quality control facility it can be ruled out that defective products will be delivered to our customers.

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