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TMP is an international contract manufacturer who offers multi-process manufacturing solutions that range from the production of mechanical and electronic components to the assembly of entire devices and machines. Our headquarter in Taiwan has its own warehousing, system assembly and quality control facilities, and by being located in the heart of Asia we have direct and regular access to all of our production sites that are responsible for manufacturing mechanical and electronic components. Our customer base consists of American, Asian and European companies that focus on the development of machines, devices and systems, and outsource either the components production, sub-assembly or full-assembly of their products to us. Besides our international team, a key criteria that distinguishes us from our Asian competition is our focus on satisfying flexible volume and production time requirements as cost efficiently as possible.

Our mechanics product portfolio includes drawing parts, steel and die casting parts, injection moulded plastic parts, as well as the whole variety of surface treatments and surface finishing procedures.
We offer customers cable harness assembly services, as well as the production of PCBs and complex PCBAs using the latest SMT, DIP and testing technology.
We provide customers with end-to-end assembly solutions that range from in-house system assembly and testing to subsequent packaging, warehousing and the delivery of ready-for-sale devices.


Outstanding Quality

TMP’s production facilities follow globally accepted quality standards. We are very aware of our responsibility regarding quality and costs, and our internationality and extensive experience mean we know exactly what is qualitatively important in the USA and Europe.

Competitive Pricing

By having direct access to various production facilities we are able to offer customers Asian factory prices. Customers that work with us can purchase components up to international quality standards at lower Asian market prices and can realize high savings potential.

Innovative Solutions

TMP offers customers a seamless workflow for some of the most advanced manufacturing techniques. Through us customers have access to production solutions that cover the entire range of metalworking, plastics technology, as well as electronic assembly.

Flexible Requests

Due to our size we can plan production processes as efficiently as possible and are able to help customers with varying volume requirements, including prototyping and pilot series. Additionally, our flexibility means we can minimize production times of new components substantially.



We believe in trusted partnerships that help our customers achieve and sustain long-term business growth. Our experience and commitment to highest quality form the foundation on which such partnerships can develop.


Since 1987 we are a specialist supplier to the global gaming industry with a total manufactuing solutions offering. For over 30 years we have assisted renowned gaming technology companies with the production of mechanical and electro mechanical semi-finished components, as well as the assembly of state-of-the-art gaming cabinets in our in-house facility.

We have wide experience in the production of surface finished precision components, as well as special casted parts (steel, iron, die) as per our customer drawings. With regard to electronics manufacturing we have extensive experience in the assembly of robotic cables and special cables, as well as the production of control board PCBAs.

TMP is your go-to production partner in Asia for decorative automotive components that undergo special surface treatments and finishings. We have wide experience producing decorative components, such a exterior chrome parts for motorcycles, as well as interior car parts with unique PVD coatings.

Our ISO 13485 certified production facilities are specialized in the production of components that find application in the healthcare industry. We can produce specialist components up to international standards, including metal parts, such as injection needles with special surface coatings or plastic parts, such PVC blood line sets and lancing devices.


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